Top 6 Best Budget Fly Reels in 2022 (Buyers Guide & Reviews)

Best Budget Fly Reels

You don’t need to break the bank for a quality fly fishing reel. We have reviewed some of the top affordable and cheap fly fishing reels out there. Discover the Best Budget Fly Reels here.

If you are in a hurry:

Redington Rise is the Best Budget Fly Reel as per our reviews.

Now, let us move to our in-depth reviews.

Here is our list of the Best Budget Fly Reels out there on the market.

Top 6 Best Budget Fly Reels

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You need a good fly reel for a great fishing experience. So, we picked the ones that will fit your budget and still deliver excellent performance.

1. Redington Rise — Best Budget Fly Reel

Redington Rise Fly Fishing Reel, Lightweight...

Redington is known for making high-quality fishing products in all price ranges. Following the brand’s reputation, this fly reel is high in quality. It is designed for comfortable and efficient use.

Performance and Technical Specifications

Weighing at only 4 ounces, this reel is superbly light in weight and durable at the same time. It comes with excellent corrosion resistance due to the anodized material of construction. It remains undeterred even under challenging conditions.

This model has a large spool size so that you are never out of line in case your fish decides to make a run. The arbor is large and U-shaped and even the drag knob is large for more accessibility.

All these features along with the soft and ergonomic handle help in reducing the discomfort. You’ll see that this reel is easy to hold and even easier to operate.

The carbon fiber drag system for this reel is strong and durable. Such smooth drag is capable of halting the heftiest fish. The drag accompanied by the large arbor is capable of very fast retrieval. The large arbor design means you don’t miss out on hefty running catches.

CNC machined construction of this reel is excellent. It is not easy to find options at this price that also promises longevity.


  • This high-quality reel is quite affordable and durable
  • It is very lightweight and has features for extra comfort
  • The drag knob is large to allow easy handling and operation
  • There is an easily operable handle for enhanced comfort
  • The strong carbon fiber drag, allows you to go after a large variety of fish
  • When used with a lightweight rod, this reel offers a killer performance
  • Due to the anodized material, it is quite resistant to corrosion
  • This reel has a lifetime warranty


  • Many users report that this reel is not as lightweight
  • Other models in this price range are more sturdy and durable

2. Piscifun Sword — Best Fly Reel Under 100

Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Reel with...

Available in four different colors, this reel is a showstopper in the fly fishing arena. It is one of the few fly reels that are affordable and made of excellent materials at the same time.

Performance and Technical Specifications

Weighing at 6.7 ounces, this reel has been duly constructed out of aluminum alloy. This material imparts its adequate strength and durability while also ensuring light-weightedness.

Along with the base material, the hard-anodized surface increases corrosion resistance. It is tough enough to sustain rough handling and will not get broken on being simply dropped. This absolute toughness is coupled with the very attractive design of this reel.

You can use lines of different weights with this reel. The maximum line weight it can effectively handle is 9/10.

You can use Piscifun Sword to catch large fish that often offer a fight before getting caught. You need larger line weights to rightfully handle large-sized fish. Small line weights do well with smaller fish.

The size of this reel is appropriate for anglers with hands of all sizes. Moreover, it is versatile in function. You can use it for catching a large variety of fish.

The most attractive feature of this reel is the disc drag system. It is solid, durable, and very unlike the disc drag generally seen in reels at this price point. This is because the material of construction for the drag is stainless steel and cork.

Stainless steel has amazing strength and it is very resistant to damage at the same time. It is strong and resilient and imparts longevity to the reel.


  • This reel is light in weight, durable, and strong
  • Made of aluminum alloy, it is sufficiently strong and well protected from damage
  • The surface of this reel is hard and anodized for strength and corrosion resistance
  • It can well sustain rough handling and damage ensuing from passionate fishing
  • An attractive design coupled with resilience makes it a great choice
  • It is available in a variety of models that can all handle different line weights
  • A maximum line weight of 9/10 can be very well handled by this reel
  • The strength of this reel is further enhanced by the sturdy stainless steel disc drag system
  • The working is smooth and well suited to catching big fish

3. Redington Zero — Best Value Fly Reel

Redington Zero 2/3 Reel - Avocado, 5-5507R23V

All features of this reel offer excellent comfort and ease of operation. The strength and durability offered by this reel are a boon considering the price point.

Performance and Technical Specifications

Weighing at 5.6 ounces, this model is superbly lightweight. It is well suited to its purpose of fishing small fish with vigor. Low line weight is suitable for more effective performance in catching small fish.

The material of construction for this reel is die-cast metal. It imparts enough strength as required to catch small fish. Along with strength, this material gives resilience to this reel so that it doesn’t get damaged on rough use.

The attractive design of this reel is a boon along with the sturdiness and the lightweight.

The drag system for this reel is spring-loaded to provide more comfort in operation. The smooth drag is easy to use. It absolves any difficulty which may arise in the path of catching big fish.

This reel has an ergonomic handle that can get adapted to your fingers. It can be effectively used to drive more force into your act. Also, it has a quick spool-changing feature that lets you get working in a matter of seconds.


  • This reel is lightweight and well suited for hunting small size fish
  • The build quality is sturdy and durable for its size
  • Die-cast metal is sufficiently resilient
  • This reel can sustain roughness and does not get damaged easily
  • The 2/3 line weight capacity works well for small-sized fish
  • This reel is available in a variety of attractive designs
  • The drag system is spring-loaded for effective balance and ease of handling
  • A cushioned layer in the drag system provides additional comfort
  • The ergonomic handle reduces your effort and imparts more ease of operation
  • The quick spool changing feature allows you to accomplish the task in a few seconds
  • For a very low price, this reel brings you everything you need in a fly reel for beginners

4. Lamson Liquid — Best Affordable Fly Reel

Waterworks-Lamson Liquid Fly Reel

There is nothing as attractive as great quality coupled with an affordable price. The special CNC build and the unique design of the Lamson Liquid Fly fishing reel make it stand out in glory.

Performance and Technical Specifications

Due to the vibrant colors and stylish body, this reel is very attractive. Apart from that, the quality of construction is also high-end.

The whole reel is fully sealed from the entry of any harmful particles that may cause damage. Along with excellent sealant protection, this reel is also very resistant to corrosion.

These protective features make this reel suitable for saltwater as well as freshwater. It is really difficult to find an affordable fly reel that performs even in saltwater.

This model is much admired by anglers for its multiple spool design. It allows you to set up multiple lines in waters beaming with fish.

Moreover, the conical drag system of this reel is very efficient and powerful. Its smoothness is comparable to the most expensive fly reels. One special aspect of the drag system is the ability to halt without a jerk when you need to control a hooked fish.

The gear ratio is adequate for reeling in the fish at a high speed.


  • This is a high-quality fly reel available at a low price
  • The unique and colorful design is also very strong and durable
  • The reel is specially constructed and sealed to prevent the entry of dirt particles
  • It is corrosion resistant and can be used for saltwater fishing
  • The drag system for this reel is conical and smooth and extremely efficient
  • This reel has CNC machined parts, which is a rare feature in options at this price
  • This reel allows you to set multiple lines at the same time


  • Many users report that this reel is not very sturdy in construction
  • Made by pressure casting of metal and not from a solid block
  • Many users report that this reel might not be as much durable

5. Piscifun Platte — Best Large Arbor Fly Reel

Piscifun Platte Fly Fishing Reel Large Arbor...

Piscifun Platte is one solid large arbor reel that comes at a very affordable rate. Don’t let the low price fool you away from the high quality this reel has to offer.

Performance and Technical Specifications

The main structure of this reel is durable. It uses CDC machined aluminum. The reel is both strong and lightweight, appropriate for efficient fishing. Apart from that, this reel is also very good-looking.

One very useful feature of this reel is the ventilated spool. It can hold much extra length of backing.

This reel is specially built to never tamper with your line. It ensures that the line memory stays at a minimum. The large arbor design accompanied by lightweight is a dream come true for a lover of fly fishing.

Moreover, the drag system is very powerful. A click drag knob makes it more comfortable. The drag adjustment wheel is very simple to use.

The handle is specially built with a comfortable grip and a special ergonomic design.


  • This is a high-quality fly reel at a very affordable price
  • The build quality is strong and sturdy with CDC machined aluminum
  • The reel has an attractive design and a large arbor
  • The spool system is ventilated and lightweight
  • There is space for all the extra backing you need
  • The fully sealed carbon drag prevents damage by sand or dirt particles
  • The handle has a comfortable grip and grooves for a more ergonomic design


  • Many users report that this reel is not as lightweight as it is said to be
  • It is not easy to change the direction of retrieval from right to left hand or vice versa

6. Fiblink — Best Cheap Fly Reel

Fiblink Saltwater Fly Fishing Reel with Large...

The lightweight and compact design of this reel further ensure that you wouldn’t be wasting any effort holding the reel for a long time. All your force can be directed towards fighting the big fish.

Performance and Technical Specifications

Weighing 5.9 ounces, this reel is made out of aluminum alloy which makes it strong and resistant to damage. Also, the unique design ensures that it can tolerate mishandling without getting damaged.

The reel is very light in weight and this is due to the aluminum construction. Unlike most other fly reels, this one can be very well used in saltwater environments. It is possible due to the protective coating on the surface of this reel which prevents any damage from corrosion or rust.

This reel is appropriate for medium and large-sized fish and so its line weight is set around 7/8 for the purpose. The reel offers a comfortable amount of resistance while you fish.

The super powerful drag makes it possible to effectively control the movements of the biggest fish once you’ve had it hooked.

One more feature of this reel is its ability to be easily disassembled and repaired. Moreover, the many attractive colors impart a stylish look to using this reel.


  • This reel is lightweight and is fit for catching medium and large fish
  • The most appropriate line weight on this reel for medium and large fish is 7/8
  • The smooth and effective drag reduces the effort involved in reeling large-sized fish
  • The protective surface coating on this reel makes it suitable for use in saltwater as well
  • This reel is very portable and will not add more luggage to your hefty fishing equipment

How to Pick the Best Budget Fly Reel – Buyers Guide

It is not easy to figure out which reel to pick from amongst the many choices. The quality of fly reels depends on the material of construction, line weight, arbor diameter, and drag capacity.

You also need to assess fly reels for their line retrieval systems, the quality of their drag, and their weight.

Maybe you weren’t aware of the importance of these features. This is the thin line between good and quality fishing gear that serves you a lifetime. And for a low price, a reel like that would be an asset.

While it is not easy to assess the different features of fly reels, we’ll help you in raising your analysis skills.How to Buy the Best Fly Fishing Reels for the Money


Many different materials are used in making fly reels. Most of them are unnoticeable under the variety of colors and designs.

While composite plastic, aluminum, and die-cast metals are common, aluminum is the most reliable choice.

If you intend to use your fly fishing equipment in saltwater as well, there is no choice but aluminum. It is resistant to corrosion and damage by rough use and dirty water. Aluminum is also comparatively cheap.

The next choice in line is die-cast metal. These reels will not be as strong as aluminum reels and will certainly cost way less. But they will be durable and resistant to corrosion to an extent.

Composite plastics are also very popular in the realm of fly reels. For one thing, they are very light in weight and extremely comfortable to use. But their low durability doesn’t render them quality as fly reels.

But, if you are not a serious fly fisherman or you are just starting, then such reels may be a good option. You can always go for better reels once you have fallen in love with fly fishing.

Retrieval System

Fly reels are different from spinning reels and baitcasting reels in this aspect. Fly reels have to retrieve a lot of lines while reeling in a hooked fish. It is accomplished by the means of a single action, multiplier, or automatic retrieval.

Single-action reels are the ones in which a single turn of the handle turns the spool around one time. Multiplier reels are more efficient. They contain a network of gears that create more than one revolution in the spool for each turn of the handle.

Automatic retrieval reels don’t rely on the methods used by conventional reels. They work by storing the tension in the line and then releasing it later through a safety latch to make the spool rapidly spin and retrieve the line.

Beginners can work well with single-action reels available. Experienced anglers rely more on automatic reels for fly fishing.

Arbor Size

Arbor refers to the large wheel on the reel that holds your fishing line.

The performance of your fly fishing equipment depends upon the size of your arbor to an extent. It is economical to go for a small-sized arbor which will make your equipment lightweight. Small and light arbors are more comfortable to use.

Consider a large-sized arbor only when your target fish requires a chase with a long line. Also, it is important to consider the weight of your fly line.

Fly Reel Arbor Size

Line Weight

You can catch bigger fish with a heavier line. Keep in mind that the size of your target fish will determine the weight of your fishing line. For small fish, you require lines that weigh much less, like ⅔ wt.

Most anglers choose a line weight up to 5 for fly reels. It works well enough for both small and large-sized fish.

A heavy line will be tougher to handle than a lighter line.

Drag System

The purpose of a drag system is to stop the reel from spinning so that the fish cannot escape with your fly in its mouth.

Good drag power is essential to stop your target. A drag system provides the requisite braking power when you have to stop your catch from running away.

Your drag system needs to be smooth. Otherwise, the fish might just break your tippet and run off.

A rough drag system could also be very detrimental to your gears. Jerks can build a large amount of tension in your line which will allow the fish to break away.

Modern fly reels either have click-and-pawl drag systems or ones that use friction.

The click-and-pawl systems involve a gear in combination with a spring to create drag for the reel. A frictional drag system relies on pressed discs to enable friction and stop the reel.

Experienced anglers recommend disc-brake drag systems over click-and-pawl. Disc-brake drag allows more versatility in operation.

Fly Reel Drag System

Weight of the Reel

Your fly reel needs to be light in weight. It will enable you to cast easily and handle the rod with more accuracy. It will also reduce the discomfort associated with holding equipment for long hours. Plus, the reel should have enough space to hold your backing.

It is also essential to ensure that your reel is compatible with your fly rod. Your fly reel’s weight must coordinate with the weight of your fly rod and the fly line.

You should use only lightweight fly rods with lightweight reels. The same goes for the opposite.

One should also pay adequate attention to the construction of their fly reel. Quality reels use machined metal and the worst quality fly reels use metal stamping. The quality of the construction of your reel will define its durability.


Hunting for the Best Budget Fly Reel comes first. You hunt for your target fish later.

We have brought you some of the top-rated reels on the market. Moreover, all of the above reels are quite affordable and cheap. Your choice of the new fly reel will vary as per your needs. But, what majorly influences your decision about a reel is the price.

For their price, Piscifun Sword, Redington Zero, and Fiblink are great options for any angler who wants to save money.

Piscifun Sword gives you an unbelievable performance. Redington Zero offers the same for an even lower price if your target fish are small in size. Fiblink is unmatchable in quality. It is suitable for even saltwater fishing for catching medium and large-sized fish.

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